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Sports Performance


Medicomp Xcell is focused on providing prehab, posthab and sports performance strength and conditioning training to schools, teams and individuals. Our goal is to help every athlete, from the novice to the professional level, reach their full potential through scientifically proven methods that are routinely validated by results on the playing field.


If you want your athletes to reach extraordinary levels and their full athletic potential, they need to train with Medicomp Xcell. We can train individuals, small groups and sport teams.


Below are a few reasons why Xcell is the best.


  • Each athlete is put through a series of performance tests to determine their current functional level.
  • Programs are individually designed based on each athletes' needs and the results of their functional tests.
  • Each individual program is created by a masters prepared, nationally certified strength and conditioning expert.
  • Our coach to athlete ratio will never exceed 4 athletes to 1 coach training in our facility
  • All Xcell programs are based and designed on proven scientific methods

Why Xcell


Xcell offers both in-season and off-season training. The focus of our off-season training program is to correct any imbalances as well as develop strength, power and quickness. The goal of our in-season program is to help athletes maintain what was developed during the off-season to ensure each athlete ends their season strong.


There is a distinct advantage to training with Xcell, beyond the vast expertise and proven approach of our strength and conditioning experts. By having the full backing and support of Medicomp Physical Therapy, the program has access to state-of-the-art training facilities, and direct access to a network of experts in physical therapy, athletic training and injury prevention.


Call today to discuss how Medicomp Xcell can help your athletes' reach their full athletic potential. Training slots are limited so do not delay. Ask about our on-site training that is available to be done at your school or club team location.



Chaucer Funchess, Xcell's Program Director

has been in the sports performance industry for over ten years. He has helped athletes from the high school, collegiate and professional level become stronger and more powerful. His athletes have gone on to dominate their opponents and some have been fortunate enough to receive college scholarships and / or professional contracts, of these athletes over 20 have gone to the MLB and over 25 have gone to the NFL, with hundreds of others playing at the college level. Chaucer Funchess served 10 years on the strength and conditioning staff at Southern Miss and four as the associate head coach.


Kevin Spera, Xcell's Program Coordinator

has two master of science degrees and holds dual certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Certified Sports Performance Coach. Kevin possesses a deep understanding of how to train athletes to maximize their potential. He recently spent five years in professional baseball working his way up to Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees.


Max Thomas, Xcell's Program Consultant

is a licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist that has been practicing in central Mississippi for over thirty years. Patients and athletes from the junior high to professional level, from baseball to football to wrestling that have worked under Max's direction have seen extraordinary results. Between Max's knowledge and his experience he truly has what it takes to help you unleash your full potential.

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